Spring 2024 Digital SAT Update

Students & Parents:

A few major takeaways after working intensely with the Digital SAT (DSAT):


Shorter? Yes. Easier? No. Challenging as ever: a wider array of topics, more data analysis. Vocabulary gets significantly tougher in the second module… Second module?? Yes, the test is adaptive – for both Reading and Math. Shoot for 70% effectiveness on module 1 to get a shot at the more challenging module 2. This is where the higher scores lie.


Lumped in with the reading. Continued focus on punctuation, verbs and pronouns, transitions, concision and reading for context. Grammar is grammar. You can trust your ear to a point – you need to know the rules from there.


The onboard Desmos calculator is useful. In terms of content, all the usual suspects are there: Pre-Algebra, Systems of equations, Quadratics, Exponential Functions, Geometry, Probability, Data Analysis and more.

Bottom Line:

The test is shorter overall, not a bad thing. All of the techniques and strategies we work with now still apply. The ACT remains a pencil and paper option for those who prefer it.

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Onward & Upward,




CEO - Terrapin Academic Consulting