I TOOK THE DIGITAL SAT! Here's a snapshot...

Hi All:

This is for those of you who will be dealing with the digital SAT in the near future (Fall of 2023 for the PSAT, then Spring of 2024 and beyond) or know someone who will be. Essentially - current 10th graders and beyond. Feel free to post/share etc.

So… I took the digital SAT.

There’s much to discuss. But here are a few major takeaways:



Shorter? Yes. Easier? Uh yeah no.

All the exam has done is “shrink the window” for the reader. While you don’t have to sift through boring passages to find what you need, the passages/questions/answers are as challenging as ever: contra-positive and two step logic, more data analysis, heavy on evidence-based reading and hypotheses, science-based content and the vocabulary in context gets significantly tougher in the second module…

Second module??

Yes, the test is adaptive. The better you do on the first module, the tougher the second module…this is where the higher scores lie. True in both reading and math.

I found not having the chance to take notes on the reading to be an initial hindrance. There is an annotation tool in the test application, requires some practice to work with smoothly.



Lumped in with the reading. Continued focus on punctuation, verbs and pronouns, transitions, concision and reading for context. All of our existing strategies/techniques still apply. Grammar is grammar. You can trust your ear to a point – you need to know the rules from there.



I found going from paper and pencil back to the screen to be seamless (this is how I work with students now in a one-on-one environment).

In terms of content, all the usual suspects are there:

Solving equations, Systems of equations, Linear equations, Functions, Circles, Triangles, Polygons, Basic Trigonometry, Handling fractions and percentages, probability, negative and fractional exponents, lots of data analysis and word problems.


Bottom Line:

I’m going to keep working/exploring, but my initial realization is that all of the techniques and strategies we work with now still apply. 

The Digital format has its drawbacks. The test is shorter overall, not a bad thing.

The ACT remains a pencil and paper option for those who prefer it.


Questions/Need Help?:

Feel free to reach out to me via the contact page to learn more.