Digital SAT - Bottom Line

Here are some core things to know about the Digital SAT:

SAT is changing (again). ACT is staying the same. Both make good cases for their plans. 

The class of 2025 will be the first class to take the PSAT and SAT in digital adaptive format. Specific timeline as follows (as per College Board): 

March 2023 – International Test Centers are digital. 

Fall 2023 – PSAT will be digital. (current 10th graders/rising juniors) 

Spring 2024 – SAT is digital. 

Bluebook is out: Check it out.

Scoring will still be out of 1600.

Looks like superscoring from paper to digital will be OK. 

New test is ADAPTIVE!  - Terrapin Academic can coach you up on this!

Current Juniors: Do you want to be a guinea pig?